Top 10 Most Affectionate Birds In The World

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10. Green Cheeks


Green Cheeks


Green Cheeks are among the most friendly and lovely breeds. They are naturally calm and polite in nature. These engage the kids at home and can fit in limited space or small cages.



9. Hyacinth Macaws


Hyacinth Macaws


Hyacinth Macaws are big and lovely parrots. They are gracious and sociable, and adored for their appealing colors. Usually the people love to keep them at home. If you get attracted towards these birds, make sure you have enough space at home for keeping them.



8. Brotogeris Parakeets


Brotogeris Parakeets


Brotogeris Parakeets belong to South America and referred to as “dwarf” parrots. These are very gorgeous and attractive birds. They are mostly admired for being calm and friendly in nature. They love cuddling.



7. Quaker Parrots


Quaker Parrots


Quaker Parrots are liked for their attractive colors, and require varying environments. Take good care of these birds if you decide to keep them with you.



6. Caiques




Caiques are medium sized parrots. There are two frequent species of these birds—both are charming and have attractive body forms. These are native to South America, and are found in parts of Australia.



5. The African Grey


The African Grey


The African Grey is famous for being clever, compassionate, and calm. These birds have naturally charming and beautiful color. They act like babies, and need your utmost attention for their survival. These are widely loved for being children-friendly.



4. Budgies




Budgies are friendly in nature, and need to be treated well. These birds are good learners and can even copy your style of walking, talking, and body movements.



3. Cockatiels




Cockatiels are demonstrative in nature, and love to be rubbed behind head. These always want to spend the whole time with their owners. These birds cannot survive in loneliness.



2. Senegals




Senegals are among the most amazing birds which can settle themselves in small spaces. Their tricks are usually very funny and impressive. These need their owner to be friendly and attentive towards their activities. These birds are also trendy and can make good friendship with other species of birds.



1. Cockatoos




Cockatoos is another form of birds. If you want to keep them home, make sure you have enough patience to show. They won’t be able to survive with harsh owners. Also, they need their food timely.