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Top 10 Beautiful Crowned Birds In The World

10. Great Blue Turaco   Great Blue Turaco   The Great Blue Turaco is an attractive and colorful bird found in equatorial Western Africa. It is the largest of all Turacos and also can grow up to 76 cm in length. It is actively hunted for meat and feathers. The blue and yellow tail feathers are prized for making good luck talismans.     9. Crested Partridge   Crested Partridge   Crested Partridge is a round, short tailed bird featuring sexual dimorphism. The male has a dark metallic green body and a tall, fluffy red pouf, whereas the female counterpart has a pea green body with no crest. This ground bird flies a short distance when necessary. It falls under the category of Near Threatened Species.     8. Sulphur Crested Cockatoo   Sulphur Crested Cockatoo   The Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is popularly demanded as a pet. It is considered and even killed as a pest in some parts of Australia where it can be locally very numerous. These birds are intelligent. A cockatoo named Snowball was noted to be the first non-human animal capable of synchronising movements to musical beats.     7. Kagu   Kagu   Kagu is an bird endemic to the dense mountain forests of New Caledonia. Its appearance has made it famous as ‘the ghost of the forest’ amongst the locals. Its unique nasal corns are a feature shared by no other bird. It is a flightless bird with a bluish grey plumage and a long crest. It was fashionable to pet Kagus before 1977, when a campaign was led against the practice for their conservation. The evolutionary history of this particular bird is still something of a mystery.     6. African Crane   African Crane   African Crane is most found in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa. It has a grey body plumage and a crown of stiff golden feathers. This closely related species, the Black Crowned Crane, are the only cranes that live on trees. It is the national bird of Uganda.     5. Royal Flycatcher   Royal Flycatcher   Royal Flycatcher have long ornate crest, which is red to orange, with black and blue spotting. It is seen displayed rarely, except after mating, in courtship, while preening and being handled. The bird has a long tail and bill and plumage is mostly brown. It inhabits the lower levels of humid evergreen or deciduous forests all over the world.     4. Hoopoe   Hoopoe   Hoopoe is an exotic bird ranging throughout Africa, Europe and Asia. It has a pinkish brown body with bold black and white stripes and a feathered crown with black tips. Its lengthy, slightly bent beak is an important tool which helps it dig into the ground to find insects. It is the national bird of Israel.     3. Polish Chicken   Polish Chicken     Polish Chicken is a European breed of chicken. There are bearded, non-bearded and frizzled varieties. Along with a small v-shaped comb, it has a very large crest of feathers which limits its vision and also hides its earlobes. This can have an effect on its temperament. It is primarily reared as a show bird.     2. Victoria Crowned Pigeon   Victoria Crowned Pigeon   Victoria Crowned Pigeon is a ground dwelling bird native to New Guinea. Its name commemorates the British monarch Queen Victoria. It happens to be the largest surviving species of pigeon on earth (up to 75cm long). The deep blue grey plumage, maroon chest and hot red irises give it a majestic look. However, the most worthy of mentioning is its distinct elegant blue lace like crest with white tips.     1. Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo   Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo   Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo is described as the most beautiful of all cockatoos for its unique bright red and yellow crest which wonderfully contrasts the salmon pink and soft textured white plumage. It is named in honor of Lieutenant Colonel Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell, surveyor and explorer of South East Australia, who promisingly wrote about its beauty. Also called as the Lead beater’s Cockatoo or the Pink Cockatoo, this bird is endemic to Australia.