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Top 10 Best Coffees In The World

10. Ipoh White Coffee – Malaysia   Ipoh White Coffee   Ipoh White Coffee is style involves roasting the beans with palm oil margarine, giving the whole velvety drink a slight hint of charcoal and smoke. Settle in to any kopitiam in Malaysia and you’re likely to get an excellent version of a cherished drink.     9. Flat White – Australia   FLAT WHITE COFFEE   A Flat White is a simple and effective coffee. A shot of espresso topped with hot, frothy milk. No chocolate sprinkles. No syrupy flavors. Just coffee and milk. It’s surprisingly delicious.     8. Ceremonial Coffee – Ethiopia   CEREMONIAL   To drink Ceremonial Coffee in Ethiopia, the birthplace of the beverage, is to commit yourself to an hour-long ceremony that includes roasting beans, grinding beans, brewing coffee, and then drinking three small cups. An ultra-strong brew, then a weaker one and a weaker one after that as the same coffee grounds are reused. The taste is perfection made all the more impressive by the ceremony.     7. Cafe Con Leche – Colombia   CAFE CON LECHe   One of the world’s great coffee-growing nations, Colombia is also a place to enjoy the result of those labours. Whether you’re downing a cup in beachside Cartagena or in the highlands of Perreira, a cafe con leche coffee with milk. In Colombia is always rich, strong and tasty. Local coffee growers drink theirs with sugar cane juice.     6. Kahve – Turkey   KAHVE Coffee   Kahve Coffee in Turkey is heady stuff, brewed black and strong, left unfiltered so that at the bottom of each glass you’ll always find an undrinkable sludge. It is very delicious.     5. Nous – Nous – Morocco   NOUS-NOUS COFFEE   Nous – Nous is a thriving coffee culture in Morocco, a country of countless cafes with pavement chairs set up French-style, facing the street. The best way to take that coffee in Morocco is “nous-nous”, Arabic for “half-half” – half coffee, half hot milk. The result is something like a piccolo latte, a strong, tasty beverage served in a small glass and drunk with relish the country over.     4. Cafe Cartado – Argentina   CAFE CORTADO   Cafe Cartado is roughly half coffee and half hot, lightly frothed milk. A morning cortado in Buenos Aires is usually taken with two or three medialunas – small, sweet croissants – at a cafe surrounded by friends. As with much of life in BA, it’s not a thing to be rushed.     3. Kaapi – Southern India   Kaapi   As soon as you see those two metal containers, the cup and the deep saucer, in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, you know you’re about to get something good. Locally grown Kaapi coffee in southern India is roasted and finely ground, percolated, topped with frothed milk, and then “pulled” between the cup and saucer, a process that cools and mixes the liquid. Delicious. And it costs about 10 cents.     2. Ca Phe Sua Da – Vietnam   CA PHE SUA DA   Ca Phe Sua Da Coffee is prepared with hot water poured into a mini percolator of rich, dark grains that sits on top of a glass. Black liquid then drips through that percolator and lands in a puddle of thick, sweet, condensed milk. Add a handful of ice cubes, stir, and you have a delicious pick-me-up.     1. Espresso – Italy   ESPRESSO COFFEE   Espresso is a tiny, strong cup of pure coffee worshiped by the Italian masses several times daily. Either hand-pulled or drawn from an espresso machine. It is best unadorned with fancy syrups, chocolate splodges or even milk. An Italian espresso is traditionally consumed while standing at a bar and yelling at people.

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