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Top 10 Best Wicket Keepers In The World

10. Rashid Latif – Pakistan   Rashid Latif   Rashid Latif was considered as the biggest competitor of Moen Khan and there were few matches where they have played together because of Rashid Latif’s wicket keeping skills and Moen khan’s batting skills. Rashid Latif was an excellent keeper who can stretch his large arms on both sides. He has also a great eye and very quick behind the wickets and it was considered as impossible that Rashid missed the chances behind the wickets provided by the batsmen. He was also a very classy and decent batsman. His total number of dismissals in international cricket is 350.     9. Matt Prior – England   Matt Prior   Matt Prior is the best wicket-keeper of England in term of batting skills and it is proved through his statistics. His average in test cricket is 43. He provides solidity and much-needed improvisation to England at lower order. Matt Prior bats really well with the bowlers. He is also very good against spin. He is also a very decent wicket keeper. His number of dismissals in international cricket is 298.     8. Brendon McCullum   Brendon McCullum   Brendon McCullum is a hard hitting flamboyant batsman who likes to hit the bowlers out of the park. He never compromises his playing style irrespective of the format in which he is playing whether it is a test match, ODI or T20, he goes with the similar mindset of destroying and demolishing the opposition with his explosive batting right from the ball no. 1. He is also a very brave captain who never holds himself back from expressing himself or taking hard decisions. Brendon McCullum currently holds the world record of fastest century in test cricket. He is also a very good wicket keeper.     7. Mark Boucher – South African   Mark Boucher   Mark Boucher will always be remembered in South African cricket history for his services for South Africa both as a batsman and a wicket keeper. He was a very committed and passionate South African cricketer. He keeps the world record for dismissals behind the wickets in the Test cricket.     6. Moen Khan – Pakistan   Moen Khan   Moen Khan was an attacking and very effective lower order wicket keeper batsman of Pakistan who became very dangerous for the opposition side in pressure situations. His ability to sweep fast bowlers was absolutely amazing and really innovative. He was also considered as the Pakistan best wicket keeper behind the stumps aided with his short height and flexible arms. Moen Khan was one of the integral parts of the Pakistan team winning 1992 world cup. He performed exceptionally in front as well as behind the wicket.     5. Alec Stewart – England   Alec Stewart   Alec Stewart is thought as one of the best wicket-keeper batsmen of England. He was really fabulous at the cover drive and Pull shot. Alec Stewart was really perfect at sweeping the ball. He also had spent very good times behind the wickets. Alec Stewart was engaged in 451 international dismissals.     4. Andrew Flower – Zimbabwe   Andrew Flower   Andrew Flower is certainly the best cricketer ever born in Zimbabwe. He was a superb batsman. He was an exceptional wicket-keeper. Andrew Flower was also a great captain who brought Zimbabwe the test cap. He was the key man behind the successes in World cup 1999 against India and South Africa and helped Zimbabwe to advance to the next round of the world cup for the first time. He was also involved in 333 dismissals combining both tests and ODIs. Andrew Flower is the only Zimbabwean player whose average in the test is above 50.     3. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – India   dhoni   Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the best ever wicket-keeper batsman ever produced by India. He is also known as the master of fascinating finishes. His average in ODI format while chasing the target is 88 which is the best among all the batsmen in ODI history so far. He is also fantastic behind the wickets. He is also one of the best captains in the cricket history. In the beginning, Dhoni appeared as an attacking lower-order batsman but he gradually changed his type of playing aided by the event of pressure situation and his growing duty as a captain. He is a powerful hitter of the cricket ball and very quick in running between the wickets. His wicket-keeping technique and skill are acknowledged widely by cricket experts. He has very quick hands when it comes to stumping.     2. Kumar Sangakkara – Sri Lanka   Kumar Sangakkara   Kumar Sangakkara is the best wicket-keeper batsman in the history of the cricket. He was regarded as one of the safest hands behind the wickets. His average in tests is just above 57 and his no. of dismissals in One day cricket is 472 which is the highest by any wicket-keeper. He has been the wall and runs machine for Sri Lankan cricket for about 15 years. Kumar Sangakkara is an elegant left-handed superstar wicket-keeper batsman of the Sri Lanka. He is the supreme example for youngsters that how to build, improvise and finish an innings.     1. Adam Gilchrist – Australia   Adam Gilchrist   Adam Gilchrist was a tremendous with the bat and exceptional behind the wickets. He was an aggressive and innovative batsman who likes to take on the bowling. His strike rate always remained on a high side whether it was a test match or an ODI. He was the first ever player to complete hundred sixes in test cricket. He keeps the distinctive record of scoring at least 50 runs in subsequent World Cup finals (in 1999, 2003 and 2007). His superb knock of 149 off 104 balls against Sri Lanka in the 2007 World Cup final is regarded as one of the best World Cup innings of all time.