Top 10 Cat Breeds In The World

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10. Munchkin Cats


Munchkin Cats


Munchkin Cats is one of the new cat breeds. They have attractive personality, and love fighting with the fellow cats. These, however, play with your children the whole day, and can be kept at home. These cats need much cuddling and snuggling, so you should take care of them.



9. Turkish Angora Cats




Turkish Angora Cats have silky tails, no undercoat and a balanced body type. These are yet another cute looking cat in the world. The best thing about these cats is that they can be in more than one colors like black, blue, and reddish fur and need regular grooming.



8. Persian Cats


Persian Cats


Persian Cats are very lazy. Usually their bodies are covered with big furs and soft hairs. These look very cute, and dislike to roam around. These cats survive best in warm environments, and are playful in nature. These cats love cleaning their fur themselves.



7. Abyssinian Cats


Abyssinian Cats


Abyssinian was considered to be a God. In some parts of the world, this cat breed is still considered sacred. These are athletic and love jumping and climbing the heights. The cats are quite active, so can be good friends of your naughty children. These cats need to be kept under care and constant watch.



6. Maine Coon Cats


Maine Coon Cats


Maine Coon Cats are big in size, but very loving cat breed. The males reach up to 10 kg in weight, and grow to a length of around 110 cm. Having this cat is the dream of many of us. These are very cute, innocent and brave. They’re affectionate, chatty and loyal. These cats love to live independently.



5. Himalayan Cats


Himalayan Cats


Himalayan cat breed is very cheeky and beautiful. These cats have big round eyes and bright colors. These are sensitive and delicate in nature, so if you plan to bring them home—be assured you can spend enough time in their care. These cats are calm in nature, and have short legs.



4. Siamese Cats


Siamese Cats


Siamese cats are incredibly beautiful and innocent. These have colorful eyes, and are friendly in nature. These cats love to maintain a comfortable relationship with their owners, and love to wander here and there in open areas. You can even teach them tricks like to fetch and retrieve objects.



3. Ragdoll Cats


Ragdoll Cats


Ragdoll Cats have soft body, and weigh around 20 pounds nevertheless they are lovable oafs. These are lazy in nature and can prove to be very sensitive to severe environment. These cats fail to defend themselves from a dog and other predators, so you cannot keep any other pet at home if you are keeping a Ragdoll cat.



2. Manx Cats


Ragdoll Cats


Manx breed of cat lacks a tail or sometimes these cats have small and weaker tails. The nature of Manx cat is extrovert, and these cats love to interact and play with their owners. These are active cats, so can make fun in your garden with the kids.



1. Bengal Cats


Bengal Cats


Bengal Cats is a fun-loving and also known to have a ‘leopard look’. These cats carry attractive spots onto their skin, and vary in colors. These are very intelligent and active. These cats are energetic, so would prove to be good friends for your children.