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Top 10 Chefs In The World

10. Marco Pierre White   Marco Pierre White   British star chef Marco Pierre White permanently changed the way the world looked at food. By the age of 33, he had won three Michelin stars, making him the youngest chef to do so. He blends classical British, French, and Italian cooking together to create his unique style. Marco Pierre White has been featured on popular shows like Master-chef and Hell’s Kitchen.     9. Hari Nayak   hari   Hari Nayak is a famous Indian chef holds a great global reputation as well. He is considered one of the best Indian chefs in North America. He is having his own food service consultant. Hari is a great author who has penned a number of books. “Modern Indian Cooking” is the most famous stuff he has penned.     8. Heston Blumenthal   Heston Blumenthal   Heston Blumenthal is a first chefs to take a scientific approach to cooking. He also creates food that interacts with all of the senses. His unique approach to cooking has earned his restaurant, the Fat Duck, three Michelin stars. The British chef is a scientific understanding of food has earned him a spot as fellow in the Royal Society of Chemistry. Blumenthal has also pioneered many unique recipes.     7. Madhur Jaffrey   Madhur Jaffrey   Madhur Jaffrey is a very famous food writer of India. She has completed her education from Miranda House, New Delhi. She then moved to UK. She is a talented chef, she has enough expertise being an actor as well. She married to actor Saeed Jaffrey.     6. Wolfgang Puck   puck   Wolfgang Puck created his own unique style of cooking that blended Italian and American cooking styles together with Californian ingredients. He has released multiple cookbooks and appeared on many popular cooking shows. In 2017, he was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.     5. Anjum Anand   anjum   Anjum Anand is a pretty known name as a British Indian chef. Apart from cooking she has the degree in European business administration as well under her credit. She was the part of Park Royal Hotel in New Delhi as a waitress.     4. Jamie Oliver   Jamie Oliver   British star Jamie Oliver is an icon in Britain. Unlike most chefs, his style of cooking is primarily British. His personality and skill have earned him many endorsements and millions of dollars. He is primarily known for his cooking shows of healthy eating. He is also the creator of The Naked Chef. Jamie Oliver has also pushed for healthy eating in schools. Oliver was the face of British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s until 2005. He has been featured in hundreds of commercials.     3. Vikas Khanna   vikas   Vikas Khanna is the famous Indian chef is certainly the inspiration for many. The quest started from his kitchen with his mother, and still continues including being the owner of SAANCH. Vikas graduated in Hotel Administration in 1994.     2. Gordon Ramsay   Gordon   Gordon ramsay is the most successful chef in the world. His restaurants have received a total of 16 Michelin Stars. Ramsay is known for his fiery hot attitude and zero tolerance approach to incompetence in the kitchen. Despite his seemingly angry persona, Gordon Ramsay keeps his cool outside of the kitchen. He has actually retained 85% of his staff since the beginning of his career.     1. Sanjeev Kapoor   Sanjeev Kapoor   Mr. Kapoor is the most famous Indian chef. He holds diploma in hotel management from Indian Institute of Hotel Management. He has also bagged the “Best Executive Chef of India” Award. Apart from this, Mr. Kapoor has penned popular book like Khazana of Indian Recipes, etc.