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Top 10 Controversial Celebrities In The World

10. Roger Federer   Roger Federer   Roger Federer is one of the best tennis players. But he is also not safe from controversies. He made some statements in interview against different may be in defense but still the statement put him in trouble. He was criticized. Also he had altercation a few time with match referee because if wrong decisions.     9. Beyonce   Beyonce   Beyonce is a best singer. Beyonce is also known for her controversies. She surely is a superstar. Her music has influenced millions. Beyonce made everyone crazy with her music. Her most of controversies are related to her offensive music as sometime it hurts some people. Many of her bold music videos have been criticized and banned by some people and organizations.     8. Britney Spears   Britney Spears   Britney Spears is a controversial celebrity. She most controversial act was her bald picture. Yes just a bald picture. People made fun of her picture and different magazines too. For making controversial music and also some bold music videos Britney Spears faced a lot of criticism. She is also called a sex symbol for her boldness. Many of you do not know about her controversial videos.     7. Rob Lowe   Rob Lowe   How many of you know about Rob Lowe’s leaked sex tape? Well, when the news of Rob Lowe’s sex tape was broke there was buzz all around. Not only that but in Hollywood too. This made his life a bit difficult because the young girl in the tape and especially some people. The star also spoke about this a few times to the media. Lowe is also related to few more controversies. We hope he and also his fans and well wishers would get out of this matter as soon as possible. Lowe remains one of the most controversial celebrities.   6. Charlie sheen   Charlie sheen   Charlie sheen is a super talented actor is such a class. But do you know he is also not away from all these bad things? You probably know. Well Charlie Sheen has been in headlines for his different acts. From Drugs to tempestuous relationships to volatile behavior he remains one of the most controversial actors. You must have heard about his sex partners. When this news broke everyone went crazy as hell. Let see what Charlie Sheen has next but let us tell you that Charlie Sheen had faced HIV-positive diagnosis too. This put everybody in shock and a few in happiness too.     5. Lindsay Lohan   Lindsay Lohan   Lindsay Lohan Press Conference At Social Film Loft – 2014 Park City. The sexy girl is no away from controversies too. Linda makes big into headlines every now and then. Linda made buzz all around with her shop lifting accident and pretending innocent. Moreover her fans went crazy when they all heard about a female DJ Samantha Ronson. What does it prove? Well she is still in news.     4. Paris Hilton   Paris Hilton   Paris Hilton controversies with Rick Salomon. The very talented Paris Hilton is no doubt talented as she knows many fields. But still we are surprised why not she could handle all her controversies even being talented. Paris made it big to everywhere with her sex tape with Rick Salomon. Upon opening a store in Mecca, KSA she was massively criticized for opening a store in Holy city as we all know why. Not only that but she has also made some harsh statements against gay community for which she was held badly.     3. Kim Kardashain   Kim Kardashain   Kim Kardashain is famous for her controversies. No doubt she is a sensation and loved by millions of people worldwide. Kim Kardashain has been in news for her work and personal life events too. You guys may have seen Kim Kardashain in Fur coats quite often. Yes on wearing Fur coats quite often Kim Kardashain was slammed by PETA (animal rights organization). Also on not holding cat properly in a commercial she was criticized. Ray J her ex is also major part of her controversial life, as Kim Kardashain’s sex tape was leaked with Ray J. Later on as she married to a basketball player Kris over night she made buzz. And we all know all the arrangements and celebrations. Later she divorced him.     2. Madonna   Madonna   Madonna What It Feels Like For a Girl’Madonna’s career revolves around many controversies. She has made a lot of fans in decades. If we talk about controversies some of you may know about explicit pre martial sex song video “Virgin”. And in “Prayer” what she has shown was not just acceptable. She has also hurt many people making different statements. ‘What It Feels Like For a Girl’ was banned and later her anti war song made buzz. But most of all she made controversies when she kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Not only kiss rather a long lip-lock.     1. Miley Cyrus   Miley Cyrus   Miley Cyrus is the beautiful Disney girl. Miley Cyrus is hot topic of this generation. She made buzz all around with her work and controversies too. The teen sensation Miley Cyrus has also huge fan following so a few of you must be aware. We thought to first highlight her first ever controversy. When she was only 15 her bare back photo went viral which she shot for anity Magazine in 2008. Later she apologized for it. Then more of her personal pictures were viral which someone got by hacking into her phone and all were almost bare. Moreover she was criticized for the photo she took with the friends. What was controversial that Miley was pulling skin back from her eyes, which was taken as insulting the majority of the Asian community and this time she once again apologized to her followers and everybody.

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