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Top 10 Cricket Fielders In The World

10. Steven Smith – Australia   Steven Smith   Steven Smith is considered as the smartest cricketer of Australia at the moment that is the reason he has been given test and ODI captaincy at such a young age. He started his career as a leg-spinner and when he realizes that he couldn’t become a world class spinner, he shifted his concentration from bowling to batting and excels in batting so much that he is undoubtedly the best batsman of the Australia and convincingly placed among the world class batsmen of the world at the moment. His contrary to other fielders who are very aggressive and lively on the field, he favors to be calm and cool and is mostly observed to take decisions that confused the batsman, like it happened once when he moved from first slip to leg slip in anticipation of a sweep shot according to the batsman’s position. Such rapid thinking at critical times has often earned him great success.     9. Yuvraj Singh – India   Yuvraj Singh   Yuvraj Singh will always be remembered as the best finisher and one of the best point fielders in the Indian team. He was a very aggressive batsman who holds the record of the fastest T20 fifty on just 12 deliveries and that too in the first T20 world cup in 2007. He hit six sixes in an over in the match against Stuart Broad. India has won that T20 world cup. He was very good point fielder and taken many spectacular catches and has made some splendid stops at that position.     8. Brendon McCulum – New Zealand   Brendon McCulum   Brendon McCulum is one of the best cricketing-leader ever produced by New Zealand who brought the fighting and aggressive mindset in the New Zealand Cricket team. He is known for his elegant batting as for his flamboyant fielding. Brendon McCulum is extremely flawless behind the stumps and outfield as well. He usually takes unbelievable, extraordinary catches both from behind the wicket and in the field.     7. Hershell Gibbs – South Africa   Hershell Gibbs   Hershell Gibbs was a very good fielder both in the slips and the outfield as well. He played with Jonty Rhodes and both tried to match and offset each other by taking brilliant catches and with superb ground fielding. Hershell Gibbs was also one of the best openers of South Africa who liked to destruct the opposition bowling through the aggressive batting. He was the man of the match in the historic match where South Africa chased 434 in the ODI. Hershell Gibbs smashed 175 from 111 balls with 21 fours and 7 sixes. His aggressive nature was also demonstrated in the fielding department.     6. Faf Du Plessis – South African   Faf Du Plessis   Faf Du Plessis is the captain of South African T20 team at the moment. He is a very intelligent player who always plays according to the situation. Du Plessis can play aggressively and also has the ability to play defensively as the situation demands. He is also a very good fielder. He maintains the fielding standards of South African team along with his efficient teammates.     5. Glenn Maxwell   Glenn Maxwell   Glenn Maxwell is also very a good fielder because of his quick reflexes which can also be seen during his batting when he read the line and length very quickly and score runs in his aggressive and unique way. He can play sweeps, reverse sweeps and can hit long straight sixes. Glenn Maxwell is a very hardworking player and always wants to contribute to the success of the team whether it is batting, bowling or fielding.     4. Kieron Pollard – West Indian   Kieron Pollard   Kieron Pollard has played many match-winning innings for West Indies and in IPL. Kieron Pollard can bat, he can bowl and he can pick single handed splendid catches with his long hands especially near the boundary line. He is a tremendous outfielder as well.     3. Dwayne Bravo – West Indies   Dwayne Bravo   Dwayne Bravo is one of the most exciting and entertaining cricketers in the world. He can celebrate the victory and the wicket in the most enjoyable and exciting manner. Dwayne Bravo has the ability to pick one handed catch and the catches nearing boundary line with ease. Dwayne Bravo also nominated just recently for the Best play on an American Sports Award, which is termed as Oscar of Sports by many experts.     2. Suresh Raina – India   Suresh Raina   Suresh Raina is not only an attacking and left-handed stylish batsman but also the best fielder of India. He is very quick and sharp in the field. He is also very fit and brisk. Suresh Raina relies on his speed and alertness and is regarded as the leader of the fielding department of India. Suresh Raina has taken a lot of unbelievable and superb catches in his long career of 10 years. Raina has more than 150 catches in International cricket.     1. Jonty Rhodes – South Africa   Jonty Rhodes   Jonty Rhodes is the best fielder ever produced in cricket. He was considered as the idol of fielding who gives true recognition to the fielding department in cricket. He was specifically recognized for his fielding, especially catching, ground fielding, and throwing from his most usual place of backward point. His best fielding moment comprising run-out of Inzamam-ul-Haq during the 1992 World Cup will always be remembered. He was also a very quick runner between the wickets. He was a very hardworking cricketer who gives prior importance to his fitness level.

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