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Top 10 Dangerous Train Routes In The World

10. Bamboo Trains, Cambodia   Bamboo Trains   Bamboo Trains in Cambodia train routes were built by the French but many were subsequently destroyed by the dreaded Khmer Rouge regime. Locals then started utilizing the bamboo train routes as they called them because of using handmade carts that wee propelled across the tracks for domestic use. It was highly dangerous.     9. Argo Gede Train Railroad, Indonesia   Argo Gede Train Railroad   Argo Gede Train Railroad runs from Jakarta to Bandung in Indonesia. It is an extremely high route that runs across the Cikurutug pylon trestle bridge that can send a shiver running down your spine. What is most eerie is the sheer huge drop deep down in the subtropical valley below. Although, tourists will be rewarded with fascinating views, the bridge itself is unfenced making it unsafe inspite of counter claims by its engineers.     8. The Death Railway, Thailand   The Death Railway   The Death railway is located in Kanchanburi Province in Thailand bordering Myanmar. In this, hundred of British and American POW’s died during its construction under the Japanese in WWII. The track is of course very scenic and runs through lush forest cover.     7. Devil’s Nose Train, Ecuador   Devil’s Nose Train   Devil’s Nose Train can actually scare you out of your wits, because it is one of the scariest train rides in the world. It is Located at a very high altitude of 9000 ft. The Nariz Del Diablo train route in Ecuador has been aptly named and translates as The Devil’s Nose.     6. Kuranda Scenic Railroad, Australia   Kuranda Scenic   Kuranda Scenic Railroad runs through some spectacular forest surroundings which happens to be part of the Barron Gorge National Park. At, certain spots, the train passes extremely close to waterfalls which spray the entire train with water.     5. Aso Minami Route, Japan   aso   Aso Minami train route passes through Japan’s most active volcanic region. Regardless of how good the system authorities cannot predict when an eruption could happen. The proof of such impending danger is well furnished in the lava burnt forest bordering the track.     4. White Pass and Yukon Route, Alaska USA   White Pass and Yukon Route, Alaska USA   The White Pass and Yukon route is a narrow gauge rail route linking Skagway in Alaska with Whitehorse Yukon. There is nothing deadlier than this railway route which practically hugs the steep cliffs it runs through. The railroad was built in 1898 during the height of the Klondike gold rush and used extensively.     3. Chennai-Rameswaram Route, India   Chennai-Rameswaram Route   Chennai Rameswaram Route is one awesome train route which runs across a huge length of track measuring 2,065 meters. The Pamdan Railway Bridge constructed in 1914 runs upon an extremely low level cantilever sea bridge connecting South India to the island of Rameswaram part of the state of Chennai.     2. Georgetown Loop Railroad, Colorado USA   Georgetown Loop Railroad   Georgetown Loop Railroad is located in Clear Creek County and was built to help prospectors reach the silver mines in the area. The scariest part of the railroad route is the Devil’s gate Bridge where the train needs to move as slow as possible for fear of the bridge giving way.     1. Tren a las Nubes, Argentina   Tren a las Nubes   Tren a las Nubes Railroad which included one of the most dangerous zigzagging spirals across mountain terrain. The Tren a las Nubes in Argentina is more of an airplane ride as it passes through clouds high up in the mountains of North central Argentina near the Chilean border. The route is so extensive that it runs through 21 tunnels and 13 equally spectacular bridges.