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Top 10 Expensive First Class Flights In The World

10. Singapore Airlines Suites Class, NY to Singapore – $15,000   Singapore Airlines Suites Clas   Singapore airlines unveiled their better-than-first Suites Class in 2007. The class offers gourmet dining, private cabins and a seat that transforms into a comfortable bed. In the lounge you will dine on a 3 course dinner. Spacious ornate bathrooms, luxury pajamas and high end coffee are just a few of the decadent amenities passengers of this class receive. When you are ready, your room is transformed into a bedroom with a comfortable full size bed. Any layovers will be spent in an exclusive lounge, or on board eating your specially prepared food. The suite includes a dining table, and a 23 inch LCD entertainment system. The wine list is exquisite.     9. Qantas First Class, Los Angeles to Melbourne – $14,974   Qantas First Class   Quantas is the international business lounge provides flyers with leather seats and a cozy open fireplace. When you board, you’re struck by the sight of a fully reclining touch controlled pad bed with sheepskin mattress. Touch screen entertainment systems and a wide selection of champagne and wine are available. At Sydney and Melbourne International Airports, you’ll be greeted at the curb and taken through to the dedicated First check-in area, at least one hour before your departure time.     8. Japan Airlines, Los Angeles to Tokyo on – $16,000   Japan Airlines   Japan Airlines is a first class suites come with a partitioned nook with leather upholstery and reclining mattress. Stay entertained with a 23 inch inch flat screen TV, and never worry over storage thanks to the private concealed storage spaces. The gourmet menu features an a la carte offering of both Western dishes and Japanese sushi plates. There is also an expensive wine list including a high end array of sake rice wines.     7. Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, New York to Singapore – $20,000   Virgin Atlantic   With black matte booths that function as a cocoon of sorts for high-paying passengers, the Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class seats provide a sleek and private trip through the skies. Dim lighting during the entirety of the excursion completes the serene atmosphere. The seats are 22 inches wide, but completely recline with one touch of a button, turning it into a 6 foot bed. Individual pods are secluded and feature private entertainment screens. Of these types of flights, the most expensive is the one from JFK to Singapore.     6. Swiss Air First Class, New York to Singapore – $22,265   Swiss Air First Class   Swiss Air First Class airline refers to “Your Home Above the Clouds.” First class passengers get priority boarding and can go straight to the aircraft with no waiting, the baggage has higher limits and quick handling, triple miles for members and free pajamas with luxury amenities. The gourmet dining menu is paired with fine wines.     5. Cathay Pacific First Class, Hong Kong to New York – $26,572   Cathay Pacific   Cathay Pacific First Class ride boasts award-winning first class service and a unique three row orientation. The cabin setup allows guests more room to relax in a wide bed watching their personal flat screen. Wine and caviar are frequent breakfast items.     4. Korean Air, New York to Beijing – $27,000   Korean Air   A first class seat on Korean Air’s planes have 100% reclining abilities with touch pad controls. A thick partition separates passengers in a timber paneled nook. The food service won the Mercury Award for in-flight food, and the oriental dishes and impeccable selection of wine set this experience above the rest.     3. Emirates, Los Angeles to Dubai 1st Class – $33,000   emirates   Emirates is one of the best known first class rides with most A380s, A340-500s and 777’s all complete with partitioned private suites, mattress beds, vanity tables, on flight spa facilities and individual mini bars.     2. Lufthansa, New York to Hong Kong – $43,535   Lufthansa   Lufthansa is a German carrier provides personal assistants, air humidifiers, toiletry kits so luxurious they will blow your mind, a Michelin-starred culinary menu and a five star skytrax rating. Their standalone seat with bed setup is about as comfortable as one can be on an intercontinental flight. Preferential boarding, limousine service, plenty of storage and hangers for garments are just a few perks of the trek. Not to mention the Caviar course, renowned top chef menus, all compiled to earn the flight its 5 star first class award.     1. Etihad Airways Residence, New York-Abu Dhabi – $64,000   etihad   Etihad Airways Residence has been dubbed a three room “penthouse in the sky” by the luxury Gulf carrier. The price of your ticket includes a 125 sqft cabin as well as limousine transfers. The Residence strives to offer the same luxuries as a five star hotel. Passengers enjoy the services of a private VIP travel concierge, who organize everything about your private check in, arrival, limousine transfers and more. The Chef will make anything you desire from the gourmet menu, or off the menu for that matter. This is the only 3 room cabin in the sky, and can provide space for up to two guests. Interior designers lent their expertise for the Residence’s design, looking over every pituresque detail from the leather interior seats identical to the one found in Ferraris, to the dining table and chilled drink cabinet. The 32 inch flat screen TV leaves nothing to be desired. The cabin also has a personal en-suite bathroom complete with luxury amenities, a shower and luxury robes. The bedroom hosts a double bed, Egyptian cotton sheets and breakfast in bed by your trusty butler.