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Top 10 Famous Transgender Celebrities

10. Sylvia Rivera   Sylvia Rivera   Sylvia Rivera made a center to help the homeless young drag queens. No trans can ever forget what she did for their rights.     9. Isis King   Isis King   Don’t get confused with her name to Isis King. On American’s Next Top Model, she was the first ever trans woman ever appeared. The interesting part is that she competed very decently and won the hearts of many.     8. Chaz Bono   Chaz Bono   Many of you would be thinking not the name of any male trans came. Chaz Bono’s eyes openly reveal the sweet nature behind his hard looks.     7. Jenna Talackova   Jenna Talackova   Right now, you’re looking at the transgender Jenna Talackova is a Canadian model and was under the top 12 models in the Miss Universe Canada. It is hard to believe that one who changed her gender can achieve this position in such a tough competition.     6. Alexis Arquette   Alexis Arquette   Alexis Arquette performed the supporting role in many movies. That’s exactly what she’s known for among most of the people.     5. Caroline Cossey   Caroline Cossey   The bond girl was a transgender but Caroline Cossey made nobody notice this directly while watching that move. Even after knowing this thing, it’ll be hard for you to figure her out as a man in that movie.     4. Andreja Pejic   Andreja Pejic   You won’t believe that when Andreja Pejic was a male or you can call that a male supermodel, she used to wear the dresses of both men and women in order to walk on the ramp. This thing played an important role in making her realize that she’s better a woman.     3. Janet Mock   Janet Mock     Janet Mock converted into a woman when she was just 18 which is quite shocking. You might see very rare cases where people change their gender at time when they’re just a teenager. Her case is one of those rare ones.     2. Laverne Cox   Laverne Cox   What comes to your mind after listening to the name of Laverne Cox? Most of you would remember ‘Orange is the new black’, right? Best her role in that show.     1. Caitlyn Jenner   Caitlyn Jenner   I don’t think that Caitlyn Jenner requires any introduction of her. The reason to this is that you all know about her decision to change the gender which was made recently in the previous years.

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