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Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Moms

10. Scarlett Johansson   Scarlett Johansson   Scarlett Johansson is the definition of a ridiculously sexy and sultry actress. She is extremely talented and her performances are just amazing. The actor of the Avengers was pregnant during the shooting of one of the installments of the series.     9. Kim Kardashian   Kim Kardashian   No article or social media mention is complete without Kim Kardashian. Bit this Kardashian truly deserves to be here. Kim is one of the most talked about celebrities out there and her pregnancy looks specifically went quite viral.     8. Mila Kunis   Mila Kunis   Mila Kunis performance in the 70’s show, her beautiful eyes, raspy voice, and the fact that she is married to Ashton Kutcher the hunk and that they make such a cute couple.     7. Miranda Kerr   Miranda Kerr   Miranda Kerr is a Australian model as we all know is so hot and beautiful that it becomes difficult to take eyes off of her. The envy and awe keeps increasing when you find out that she is also a mother to a 7 year old son, who by the fact is also a beautiful child, courtesy the gorgeous genes of Kerr and Orlando Bloom.     6. Heidi Klum   Heidi Klum   Heidi Klum is a model turned business woman and television person is a mother of 4 and makes it look like she has had none. Having been a VS angel Klum has always had a killer body, however she managed to maintain that beautifully even after giving birth to four children over the years.     5. Sofia Vergara   Sofia Vergara   Did you know she has a 21 year old son? YES IT’S TRUE! Sofia Vergara is the ultimate definition of a hottest celebrity moms and she makes it work like no other.     4. Megan Fox   Megan Fox   Megan Fox has been the crush of teenage boys and adults too for a long while. The hot bod and sultry blue eyes are enough to make a guy become a fan, and not just men, women find her extremely sexy too. Megan still manages to look beautiful and sexy.     3. Angelina Jolie   Angelina Jolie   We all know she loves kids. And we all love her for it. Angelina Jolie is the mother of six, having three of her own is one of the hottest celebrity moms who makes it all look easy and simple. She looks amazing and keeps her family sane by balancing the media and movies and the essentials of a normal life.     2. Beyoncé   Beyoncé   There are no words to explain the sexiness of Beyoncé. The way she sings, moves and owns the stage is out of this world.     1. Shakira   Shakira   Shakira is one of the hottest singers out there and one who can dance to the stars as well; but it just doesn’t stop there. Shakira now a mother of two makes motherhood look so effortless and sexy as she is in great shape and makes us all so envious.