Top 10 Indoor Swimming Pools In The World

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10. Wisconsin Wonderland – Wisconsin


Wisconsin Wonderland


Wisconsin Wonderland is the most luxurious and amazing swimming pool in the world. It is in Three Lakes, Wisconsin. You will find it in three lakes real estate market. This 24 foot by 80-foot swimming pool is just like a dream. Many people dream to swim here. And it very expensive too. But what you get here is worth it.



9. Idyllic in Illinois – Saint Charles, Illinois


Idyllic in Illinois pool


Idyllic in Illinois swimming pool’s price is in millions guys. Yes, you all read it right. And it is in a luxurious house. So it isn’t for public that’s why we said you are lucky even if you see it.



8. Roman Holiday – Southampton, NY 11968


Roman Holiday pool


Roman Holiday is a nice looking swimming pool but it is way too luxurious. You would want to spend your days and nights just swimming in this pool. It is one of the most amazing swimming pools. It is alongside a beach so double fun and it worth $28,000,000 guys! This is covered 2.5 acres. It surely is one of the top amazing indoor pools.



7. Timber Lined Temptation – Aspen, Colorado


Timber Lined Temptation


Timber Lined Temptation swimming pool is probably one of the most luxurious pools in the world and the features it has are just amazing. It is a dream to swim in this pool of many. It is worth $9,995,000. This is in a house which very beautiful and luxurious too. Truly splendid!



6. Oregon Oasis – Ashland, Oregon


Oregon Oasis


Oregon Oasis swimming pool is located on 120 acres of area. An amazing place. Although you would find some great indoor swimming pools in Ashland. But sad part is it’s not open for the public as it is in a house and the house is very expensive. Its price is almost $4,559,000. It is in between trees in a jungle and this another edge for it. Surely it is an amazing swimming pool no doubt!



5. Greenwich Gem – Greenwich, Connecticut


Greenwich Gem


Greenwich Gem swimming pool is an amazing indoor adventure. It is a part of real estate. And because it’s Greenwich so obviously prices are high, actually touching the sky so for an ordinary person it’s hard to think of swimming pools like this one but still it is an amazing swimming pool. This one is worth $4,495,000.



4. Ultimate in Utah – Park City, Utah


Ultimate in Utah


Ultimate in Utah extremely good pool is in Park city real estate area. It is expensive of as it is worth $6,595,000 in market. It covers 1 acres of area. And it is in a luxurious house. So it is for those who have a lot money and also stamina to swim all day long as you cannot get out of it when you get in. It is amazing.



3. La Villa Contenta – Malibu, California


La Villa Contenta


La Villa Contenta is the place where you find everything amazing so it isn’t hard to find an amazing indoor swimming pool and that too one of the world’s most amazing pools. You can get this pool if you have $22,500,000 and it surely is a good deal. And its price is high because it was featured by HBO too. So it’s a star lol. It is one of its kind.



2. Rarest Pool – New York City


Rarest pool


Rarest swimming pool in New York is truly gorgeous. It is 26-foot-long swimming pool in a skyscraper and it is worth $9,950,000.



1. Luxurious Atlanta Pool – Atlanta


Luxurious Atlanta Pool


Atlanta are surely great houses but this house is amazing specially for winters and the pool inside this house is also amazing. This swimming pool has heating feature too so no worries if it’s cold or hot just dive in. It is located in Sandy Springs real estate market. Atlanta Pool house has some brilliant features and it’s worth $3,900,000.