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Top 10 Interesting Kaiju Monsters of All Time

10. Mothra   Mothra     Mothra is one of the most popular and fascinating kaiju monster of all time. Also, she isn’t known for her fighting. She is a colossal sentient caterpillar or imago moth. Also, she is mostly portrayed as a heroic character. She might get reasonable amount of attention in MonterVerse to attract female demographic. If we say that she could even get her standalone movie in the future, it wouldn’t be wrong. In addition she is worshiped as a goddess by natives of Infant Island.     9. Titanosaurus   Titanosaurus Titanosaurus is one of the strongest opponent of Godzilla. He has the similar abilities as Godzilla which include ability to swim in water, only Kaija other than Godzilla to have this capability. Titanosaurus is also not doing bad things on his own, as he is being controlled by a mad scientist. This creature can certainly appear in MonterVerse as the biggest ally or enemy of Godzilla.     8. Manda   manda   Manda is an Asian sea dragon. He kills his enemies by strangling them to death just like Anaconda. He is a primary antagonist in monster land. But the interesting part about this creature is that, he is not doing bad things on his own will. His mind has been controlled by aliens throughout the whole time. Which means he could potentially be a good-guy and become a human ally in MonterVerse.     7. Kumonga   Kumonga   Kumonga is just a gigantic tarantula, though sometimes it is shown as just a normal spider. But still it is horrific creature, and it would certainly make one hell of villain in MonsterVerse. Kumonga is a spider who stands about 150 feet tall. He might wrap you in a web and kill you at his leisure. In addition, he’ll just stab you with the razor-sharp points at the end of each leg.     6. Mechagodzilla   MechaGodzilla   MechaGodzilla is basically a mechanical giant machine created by humans to defend Japan from Godzilla. Interestingly it is created in the image of Godzilla himself. Although this metal block isn’t nearly as interesting as Godzilla. But he can become a great plot device in future MonsterVerse movies.     5. Destoroyah   Destoroyah   Destoroyah was at first scrapped due to already developed several doppelgangers of Godzilla at that time, such as SpaceGodzilla and MechaGodzilla. But this character turned out to be better than all others. Destoroyah is exceptionally powerful and at one occasion killed the Godzilla. He can potentially become the ultimate Godzilla villain in MonsterVerse.     4. King Caesar   King Caesar   King Caesar’s design is mostly inspired by a Chinese Guardian Lion that can be found in Buddhist traditions. King Caesar is quite interesting character and also shown as an anthropomorphic giant Lion, who protects his village from rampaging dragons.     3. King Ghidorah   King Ghidorah   King Ghidorah is three headed dragon with golden scales, giant wings and two tales is a the coolest Kaiju monsters of all time. He has several origin stories; In one, he has been shown as an extraterrestrial dragon, in others as a genetically engineered monster or a guardian from ancient Japan. But the design of it has been more or less identical throughout.     2. Godzilla   Godzilla   Godzilla is probably the most popular Kaiju monster of all time. He has dozens of films under the belt.     1. King Kong   King Kong   King Kong cannot be categorized as hero or a villain. If start dropping bonds in someone’s territory what do you expect in return. King Kong have been one of the most famous movie icons for ages. Having appeared in countless movies, cartoons, books, comics, theme park rides and video games. For us, King Kong undoubtedly is one of the most fascinating Kaiju monster of all time. He was the first monster to survive a fight with Godzilla. In addition, he is the first to defeat Godzilla.