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Top 10 Largest Islands in the World

10. Ellesmere Island – Canada (196,236 square kilometers)   Ellesmere Island   By containing an area of 196,236 square kilometers, the Ellesmere Island is the 3rd biggest Island of Canada and 10 biggest Island in the world. It is situated in the Nunavut region of Canada. The whole Island is dominated by majestic mountains and Ice-fields. It is the most hilly district in the Arctic archipelago inside the Canadian range.     9. Great Britain – United Kingdom (209331 square kilometers)   Great Britain   Great Britain Island is situated in the Northwest of European continent. At 209331 square kilometers, it is the biggest Island in the Europe. The Great Britain is a piece of the United Kingdom. It contains self-sufficient areas of England, Scotland and Wales.     8. Victoria Island – Canada (217,291 square kilometers)   Victoria Island   Victoria Island is the second biggest Island of Canadian Arctic Archipelago. This Island is 320 miles in length, 350-387 miles wide and includes an aggregate range of 217291 square kilometers. At this size, Victoria Island is also the 8th biggest Island in the world. The Island was found by the Arctic explorer Thomas Simpson in 1838.     7. Honshu – Japan (225,800 square kilometers)   Honshu island   Situated between the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Japan, the Honshu Island is the biggest Island of Japan. Honshu Island has many recorded significance and it’s viewed as Japanese Mainland. This Island is 800 miles in length, 150 miles wide with a region of 225,800 square kilometers. That is around 60% of the aggregate size of Japan.     6. Sumatra – Indonesia (480,848 square kilometers)   Sumatra - Indonesia   Sumatra Island, 480,848 sq. kms is the second biggest Island of Indonesia. It is the Westernmost Island of Indonesian archipelago. The Sumatra Island is prone to powerful earthquakes and Tsunamis. It is because this Island is situated at the subduction zone of Indo-Australian and Eurasian structural plates. However, the Sumatra Island is home to amazing wildlife and rich forests.     5. Baffin Island – Canada (507,451 square kilometers)   Baffin Island   Baffin Island, situated in the Nunavut region is the biggest Island of Canada. Baffin Island is around 507,451 square kilometers in area. This Island in the Arctic archipelago gets greatly cold weather with a yearly normal temperature of -8 degree Celsius. There are also many branch and freshwater lakes.     4. Madagascar – Republic Of Madagascar (587,713 square kilometers)   Madagascar island   Madagascar is an Island country situated on the East Coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. With an aggregate range of 587,713 square kilometers, it is the 4th biggest Island in the world. The Madagascar Island was made around 88 million years ago by its partition from the Indian subcontinent. This Island is home to many kinds of plants and animals. Thus, Madagascar is also called as 8th continent.     3. Borneo – Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei (748,168 square kilometers)   Borneo -island   Borneo Island is situated in the West mid-Pacific Ocean is the main Island in the world that is directed by three countries – Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. The Major parts of the Borneo Island are Indonesian territory. At 748,168 sq. kms, Borneo is the 3rd biggest Island in the world. It has almost double the size of Germany.     2. New Guinea – Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (785-753 square kilometers)   New Guinea island   New Guinea Island in the Western Pacific Ocean is the second biggest Island in the world. This Island is 1500 miles in length, 400 miles wide and involves an aggregate range of 785-753 square kilometers. The New Guinea Island is controlled by two nations – The Western part to Indonesia and Eastern part to Papua New Guinea.     1. Greenland (2,130,800 square kilometers)   Greenland   With an aggregate zone of 2,130,800 square kilometers the Greenland is the biggest Island in the world. It is situated between the Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. Greenland is a independent region of Denmark. Over 80% of the place that is known for the Greenland is covered by ice caps and glaciers. So that, this large Island just has a populace of 57600.