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Top 10 Most Expensive Beds In The World

10. Sphere Beds – 50000$   Sphere Beds   Sphere Beds is particular suitable to all types of bedrooms due to its availability in all colors; you can match it with any bedroom you want. This bed contains LED lights, champagne holder, mirror and most importantly a TV set. The bed is made so that it can be customized according to the personal needs of different people. These beds are worth 50000$ and therefore requires a lot of thinking before buying.     9. Cosmovoide Bed – 60000$   Cosmovoide Bed   Cosmovoide Bed has been merged with technologies since the bed includes a phone, a full home theatre system, DVD player and TV. With all these awesome features, this bed comes also at a cost of 60000$.     8. Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed – 50,000$   Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed   Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed is specification doesn’t end here since it also contains iPod slot, temperature settings and internet connection. The video projector installed at the top helps you feel like you are sleeping under stars. With all these awesome features; this bed comes also at a cost of 50,000$.     7. Monarch Vi Spring Bed – $50000   Monarch Vi Spring Bed   Monarch Vi Spring Bed is made with efforts that make you feel like an emperor after you purchase it. This bed is made with more than 3000 springs and is bound to give an unmatched cushioned feeling to the person sleeping on it. The mattress for the bed is also special since it is made with hand crafted and high quality fabrics. Our very own most handsome man alive; David Beckham is one of the proud owners of this $50000 worth bed.     6. Majesty Vi Spring Bed – $84,425   Majesty Vi Spring Bed   The creation of Majesty Vi Spring Bed was Jab Ansotez. He actually handcrafted this bed which actually uses about 6000 springs and is made from silk, cashmere and cotton. And if that was not enough there are several layers of gold and silver added in the design of this $84,425 worth bed.     5. Quantum Sleeper Bed – $160,000   Quantum Sleeper Bed   Quantum Sleeper Bed looks has been inspired and made for James Bond. The bed has ventilation system, lock down, settings for intruders, motion sensors, toilet and even oxygen systems. I think spending money on safes and watchmen will not be necessary. The bed costs $160,000 and is definitely one of its kinds if you are scared about your safety to a high limit.     4. Parnian Furniture Bed – $210,000   Parnian Furniture Bed   Parnian Furniture Bed is a beautiful and hand carved by Abdolhay Parnian using stainless steel, wood and gold. The bed is not only beautiful in looks but is also embedded with technologies like iPad Holders, secret compartments and swivel TV. The price of a bed is $210,000.     3. Jado Steel Style Gold Bed – $676,000   Jado-Steel-Style-Gold-Bed   Jado Steel Style Gold Bed is made of gold and Swarovski crystals (something that most of us are still unaware of). Speaking of technology this one comes with an integrated play station, DVD player, Internet connection and a surround sound system. Buy it for $676,000 ONLY and for sure you may start a tourist exhibition at your place where people will pay for watching this bed.     2. Magnetic Floating Bed – $1.6 million   Magnetic Floating Bed   Magnetic Floating Bed is designed from designers in Netherland comes at a roaring price of $1.6 million. This bed is floats in air and the reason responsible for it being the fact that there are magnets weighing around 1500 lbs (680 kgs) keeping it floating. And to keep it from drifting away there are wires that tie this bed to the walls. Not only heavy in weight.     1. Baldacchino Supreme Bed – $6.3 million   Baldacchino Supreme Bed   Baldacchino Supreme Bed has been hand carved by Stuart Hughes and an important thing about it is that there are only 2 beds of this type are created so far. The bed is made of woods namely Classy Canope, Cherry and Ash. The interior of the bed also needs to be discussed about since it is made of 24 carat pure gold weighing about 90 kgs (200 lbs). The bed however comes at a whooping price of $6.3 million.