Top 10 Police Dog Breeds In The World

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10. Bloodhound




Bloodhound is really a dog with large hung ears which makes it rather unique in appearance from the rest and it often ranked as one of the best police dog breeds. If you’d ask this dog “why the long face”, it would be because it just naturally looks that way. Don’t mistake the long face though as being a cuddly teddy bear as its quiet a powerful dog with a more masculine side to it, which is a common reason as to why it has been yet another one among the top police dog breeds. The bloodhound is another hunting dog but with the only twist of it being able to hunt bigger things than just birds; things like: deer and wild bores. ‘Blood’ hound in this case is an appropriate name to call it, however it does sincerely have a face that you cannot easily turn away from.



9. German Short-Haired Pointer


German Short-Haired Pointer


German short haired pointer is among the best police dog breeds. Being in the worlds existence ever since the 1800’s and is rather spotty and looks frail in appearance, but then again this dog shouldn’t be judged by the texture of its fur and skin as its one of the most active and friendly dogs out there. It is also a hunter dog as ever dog regardless of its breed, but mainly for hunting game and birds as well. It’s been said by locals that the dog is of a Spanish descendant for some strange reason. The German Pointer ranks 10 on the list of Police dog breeds as its prone to die quickly due to commonly suffering from gastric torsion where there are complications in its stomach that if not immediately attended to by Vets, it could be fatal.



8. Labrador Retriever


Labrador Retriever


Labrador Retriever is also one of the best police dog breeds. In the Police database on the other hand are bred for entirely different reasons and in this case to sniff out bombs, drug detection and other main reasons as to why police have dogs in their unit to assist them, more especially to be the eyes and ears that goes farther than what the human senses are capable of. This is quite a huge responsibility to be given to an animal with a mind of its own and seeing that it doesn’t even know what a bomb is or how dangerous it is, which is why detecting it successfully only by smell due to its trained ability is outrageously extraordinary In this case and deserves a high noted recognition.



7. Boxer Dog


Boxer Dog


Boxer Dog is a more fighter dog and among the best police dog breeds. There are primarily two types of Boxer dogs on the Police Force which is the Schutzhund Boxer and the Deutscher Boxer and both breeds are equal in their doggie personalities in some strange but acceptable way. Boxer dogs can be considered as the more Martial Arts or Gymnastics types of hounds due to their amazing ability to spring up in a jump of somewhat high raised bars of heights that you challenge them to reach. Having this natural bred and trained ability in them serves as somewhat a highly flexible aspect of their worth. Flexibility of any kind in the force goes a long way with the type of duties they have to conduct on a daily basis. Flexible dogs can be used for several aspects in police training which is a great advantage overall to the officer that say “jump!” and expects their K9’s to ask “How high” by their actions and efforts.



6. Dutch German Shepherd


Dutch German Shepherd


Dutch German Shepherd dogs reputation should speak for itself here also. Being of Dutch descendant doesn’t require much to tell you all that needs to be told, except that its among the best police dog breeds. Police have adopted and trained Dutch German Shepherd’s for several reasons over the years, and is highly favored and considered an asset by the Holland Police who seemed to have made a traditional home for Dutchie Shepard doggies in their force. Most definitely is one of the best police dog breeds for several reasons and with a staggering expected lifespan of between 13 – 15 years if nurtured and maintained well in terms of regular medical checkups etc. This can un-doubtfully be one of the main reasons that the Clever Polish Police have the Dutch German Shepherd on their force so they needn’t have to worry about replacing their dogs every year if it can last longer than a decade in their force which is actually a sustainable way of Police dog breeding in the Police Force.



5. Giant Shnautzer


Giant Shnautzer


Giant Shnautzer is sure to intimidate any other dog that’s smaller in line of sight and would frighten of criminals too. Let’s be frank, nobody fears for a small playful dog as they would for a Giant Shnautzer in this case. ‘Giant’ as the name suggests is definitely not for no reason and really demands an attention of respect and authority in its stance and stature. Giant Shnautzers have somewhat long fur which hangs from its mouth which to us humans, looks like an old Military man, an ex-marine that has a story of war to tell. Due to the large appearance of these dogs they definitely would make a statement in which ever police force that breeds and trains them. It’s not inappropriate to say that the amazing thing about this pooch is that it’s as high as its length. Big in size and long in body length too which gives it a ‘large’ appeal overall and their teeth jolt together in a scissor shape, definitely one that you mess with as if under the wrath of its clenched jaws ,you’d literally be torn apart. Steer clear from the Giant Shnautzer if to you, your life is dear. Nothing better to the police force to have a breed of dog that is proven to be trustworthy in its duty to conduct trained abilities without going astray.



4. Doberman Pinscher


Doberman Pinscher


Doberman Pinscher can be classed as one of the new kids on the block apart from the other breeds. His not a very biggie but not a smaller either because of it being one of the most common breeds in the United States alone, his widely considered by the K9 Family dog units in the police force. Doberman Pinscher as some would affection ally call it, is a slim and sleek physique dog which makes it lighter in weight but with an added advantage of it being faster in speed. Part of the reason why today it’s ranked among the best police dog breeds in the planet. This would be regarded as a great advantage to Police Officers that expect their dogs to chase, hunt down and actually catch their criminals for apprehension and at least this is the one obvious characteristic that we can give the Doberman credit for and that’s its ability to run at a super-fast speed, which ensures a definite catch as it would never give up till it eventually meets the jaw end of its capture that it’s been released to spring after. If reliability in a dog breed that’s up to police force standards is what is looked for then your Doberman Pinscher would fit the description perfectly since the main objective of any police force is to catch criminals and with the street assistance of the Rottweiler descendant ‘Dobster’ ,there is an increased amount of success here.



3. Belgian Tervueren


Belgian Tervueren


Everybody fears a scary looking hound even if it’s not as dangerous as it appears but the fact that it’s a cheeky ,meat ripping dog in appearance is enough to impact on the minds’ of anybody that wants to take a wild reckless chance of opposing authority figures who have this guard master by their side. Belgian Tervueren are absolutely hairy dogs and almost resemble the feared appearance of Wolves. Belgian Tervuerens Spring into their wolf characters when in line of defense of their human companions as well as being an all-round dog to serve as most things on the force which would include drug detection again as well as bomb sniffing and may other things from being guard dog to sniffer dog to loyal companion and hunter all at the same time.



2. Rottweiler




Rottweilers are notoriously known for being the most fierce in temperament and aggressive in their actions, guiless and can raise hell from the ground at which you stand on. Despite it not being the biggest dog out there, it sure is one of the bravest, warrior dogs out there and is counted among the best police dog breeds. If size really mattered then, honestly even the elephant would be king of the jungle.



1. German Shepherd


German Shepherd


This is most certainly a ‘German Spec’ Shepherd and can be considered as the Boss in its personality, yes in case you’re wondering, apart from human beings, dogs too have personalities as they are able to interact with us just as our fellow friends and families do with the only difference of not being able to speak, but naturally their unconditional love is still there. German Shepherds make one of the best police dog breeds for several reasons but the main one here would be due to its astounding attack ability.

Police German Shepherd dogs are among the best police dog breeds and are also trained particularly for search and rescue purposes In the more rural settlements and is known for hardly falling short in this regard and line of duty as it was trained for, come hell or high waters, the dog has proven not to stop at anything until it does what its trained and deployed to do. German Shepherd can follow instructions better than some humans would be able to comprehend which is the one thing we can hold the highest of respect for. It is also very versatile and can be placed into any training aspect of which the K9 units where bred for in the Police Force. Apprehending armed suspects are something that dogs in general tend to go beyond their calling for and these Hounds do it with honor even if it means them losing their lives in the call of duty. If you need a ranger dog to serve by your side as a partner when In the Line of Duty, you can count of the reliability of a German Shepherd being right behind you and will never switch sides of the enemy as a police officer may be persuaded to do at times which honestly makes it one of, if not the best police dog breeds.