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Top 10 Sand-Boarding Destinations In The World

10. Namibia   Namibia   The world’s largest sand dune Sossusvlei is present in Namibia. Not everyone can sandboard down that sand dune, you need to have experience about how to do it. And to board or ski down from here you require a special permission.     9. Japan   japan   The Tattori Sand dune is one of the biggest sand dunes in Japan and also is expanding with the beach of the Sea of Japan. Furthermore, several local companies in Japan also train Sandboarding to travelers in the area in the months of April to November.     8. Peru   peru   Peru is the best Sandboarding destination. Sandboarding in Peru isn’t under every person’s control as the sand slopes in the Peru are huge. The World’s biggest sand dune is Duna Grande in Ica, Peru. Sandboarding is also popular in several other regions such as Nasca and Arequipa area of south Peru. Most of sand dunes are steep and requires many experience and expertise to go down them.     7. Vietnam   Vietnam   Vietnam displays its Sandboarding culture in Mui Ne dunes. This destination is much less famous for Sandboarding compared to its other parts of the world where Sandboarding is getting most popular.     6. Australia   australia sandboard   Australia has several of the most popular Sandboarding destinations around the world, particularly the destination called little Sahara, located on the Kangaroo Island. The attractive sand dunes that occur naturally stretch over two square kilometres and provide some of the attractive sand dunes. The Lucky Bay sand dunes are the very popular, where you can find Sandboarding tour planners easily.     5. Chile   Chile   Chile is popular to provide great Sandboarding destinations to the locals as well as international people. The Atacama Desert in Chile hosts several Sandboarding spots where several of the most common Sandboarding activities take place. The entire northern side of the country is famous for Sandboarding. The Valle de la Muerte is the destination most famous in Chile for Sandboarding. Furthermore, Punta de Choros, Cerro dragon, Medanoso are few of the various other destinations popular between sand boarders.     4. Germany   Germany   Germany is only place around the world where men made sand boards are formed for individuals to enjoy this adventure game. Hirschau in Germany organizes sand dunes prepared from white sand and are also famous for the speed they offer out. The place also organizes Sandboarding world’s champions.     3. United Arab Emirates (UAE)   United Arab Emirates   United Arab Emirates in Dubai offers best Sandboarding destinations, and there are a lot of such amazing destinations. The authorities in the area have a complete control over this and therefore, it’s extremely suitable to enjoy Sandboarding in the huge deserts of Dubai that make longer for miles together.     2. United States of America   United States Of America   It has the Sandmaster Park in Florence, Oregaon and which is the first Sandboard Park in the world. The biggest area for Sandboarding in the United States of America is Florence to Coos Bay. The Sandboarding culture in the USA is quite more advanced than that in the other countries.     1. Nicaragua   Nicaragua   Nicaragua is unique and best Sandboarding destinations. It’s a young active volcano and a lot of people particularly teenagers ride down this sand dune. The mountain is called Cerro Negro active volcano and you may have a wonderful Sandboarding experience with the help of expert guide.