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Top 10 Snacks In The World

10. Takoyaki – JAPAN   Takoyaki   Takoyaki is a spherical snack made of fried batter and hunks of octopus, topped with kewpie mayonnaise, takoyaki sauce and bonito flakes. Piping hot takoyaki are a sought-after delicacy throughout the country, but the Kansai region remains the original and best place to try it.     9. Suppli – ITALY   Suppli   Suppli has surprisingly few street snacks. Fortunately, it’s suppli to the rescue. Suppli, like its southern cousin the arancini, is a deep-fried ball of risotto, although the Roman style is to mix the rice with tomato sugo and stuff a hunk of mozzarella in the middle. You already know that’s going to taste good.     8. Saltenas – BOLIVIA   Saltenas   Saltenas are like empanadas – triangular pockets of pastry filled with spiced mince – although the filling of a saltena is much soupier, meaning the best way to eat one is to bite off an end and drink the soup before tucking into the rest.     7. Choripan – ARGENTINA   Choripan     The Choripan is a grilled chorizo that’s sliced down the middle and served on a crusty roll with chimichurri and other sauces. Choripan vendors can be found outside just about every sporting stadium in the country, as well as near any market or public gathering.     6. Pizza – NEW YORK   PIZZA   The hot dogs in New York are good, but the pizza is even better. Just picture yourself collecting one of those giant slices of goodness, oozing with tangy tomato sauce, melty mozzarella and slabs of pepperoni.     5. Sai Krog – THAILAND   Sai Krog   Sai krog is spicy, fermented local sausages and sizzling away on a grill. Sai krog are usually served in a plastic bag, perfect for eating on the run, with sticky rice or hunks of fresh cabbage. The combination of hot and sour is perfect for a steamy Thai afternoon.     4. Cheese Roll – NEW ZEALAND   CHEESE ROLL   Many Bakeries and cafes serve up cheese roll in New Zealand. Its a slices of bread coated in a mixture of grated cheese, evaporated milk and French onion soup mix, rolled up and grilled to golden perfection.     3. Frites – BELGIUM   Frites   If there is anything tastier than a big paper cone of genuine Belgian frites, hot out of the fryer, swimming in mayonnaise or some other “frites saus”. The Belgians are intensely proud of their fried potatoes, and with good reason: these are nothing short of an artery-clogging delicacy, a rare snack that’s as good at two in the afternoon as it is at two in the morning.     2. Chuanr – CHINA   CHUANR   Chuanr are shish kebabs of lamb that have been marinated in cumin seeds and chilli flakes, sometimes brushed with sesame oil, and grilled over hot coals. The only thing that can possibly make this street snack even tastier is the addition of cold beer.     1. Vada Pav – INDIA   vadapav   Vada Pav is the street food snack that has an entire city Mumbai. A vada pav is a fairly simple arrangement: it’s a spiced, deep-fried potato patty served in a bun with chutney and coriander. The taste, however, is far greater than the sum of its parts.

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