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Top 10 Stunning Restaurant Locations In The World

10. Ayana Resort Bali- Indonesia   Ayana Resort   A queue forms every afternoon at Ayana Resort in Bali as people line up to take the cable car down to the Rocks Bar, Jimbaran’s favorite sunset spot. At further along the cliff face, the resort’s Kisik restaurant has views that are just as spectacular. Settle in for a delicious seafood dinner, and revel in the knowledge that you have escaped the crush.     9. The Rock – ZANZIBAR   THE ROCK, ZANZIBAR   Check the tides before heading to lunch and off the southeastern coast of The Rock Zanzibar. You can walk right up to the door; at high tide, you will have to hop on a boat. This intimate restaurant, with just 12 tables, used to be an old fisherman’s post; no prizes for guessing that there is plenty of seafood on the menu.     8. Soneva Kiri Resort – THAILAND   SONEVA KIRI RESORT   Every kid loves a treehouse at The Soneva Kiri Resort in south Thailand’s and also adults do too. Guests can book a table in a tree pod, a large wicker basket which is hoisted up into the trees while you sit inside it. Your waiter, hooked up to a zip line, delivers your meals at an impressive speed.     7. Anantara Kihavah Villas – MALDIVES   ANANTARA KIHAVAH VILLAS, MALDIVES1   Anantara Kihavah Villas is one of the few where you can also end your day dining underwater. In between watching the sea life through the reinforced windows, spare some attention for the fine food, which includes Chinese-style foie gras and crisp fried duckling with plum, orange and ginger marmalade.     6. Restaurant Le Panoramic – FRANCE   RESTAURANT LE PANORAMIC   Backdrops don’t get much more dramatic than this. Restaurant Le Panoramic is perched at a giddy altitude of 2500 metres in France’s favourite ski resort, Chamonix. This is glorious views of Mont Blanc among others. Catch the cable car or the gondola up to restaurant; if the weather is fine, grab a seat on one of the terraces.     5. Rayavadee Resort – THAILAND   RAYAVADEE RESORT   Leave your shoes at the door when you pop into this one-of-a-kind restaurant at Rayavadee Resort in southern Thailand. This sandy seaside cave is the perfect date night option, the barbecued seafood being served to the sound of the ocean gently lapping. Rayavadee has plenty of delicious dining options, but this is definitely the most atmospheric.     4. Fangweng Restaurant – CHINA   FANGWENG RESTAURANT   You have to wonder which planning department signed off on this restaurant, clinging precariously to a cliffside overlooking one of China’s most scenic gorges. Actually, eating at Fangweng Restaurant in the Yichang area of China is not quite as hair-raising as it looks. Almost, but not quite. The restaurant is built into caves in the cliffs – but to get to the cave, you have to walk along a 30-metre “corridor” made of planks.     3. Baines Sanctuary Camp – BOTSWANA   BAINES SANCTUARY CAMP   It may well be the ultimate alfresco dining experience on the floodplains of Botswana, surrounded by beds of papyrus, knowing that there is wildlife all around, even if it is hidden amid the long grass. Only a select few diners get to enjoy the views from the restaurant at Baines Sanctuary Camp. The camp takes just five couples at any one time.     2. Saniya Palace Hotel – AGRA, INDIA   saniya palace hotel agra   In Agra’s Taj Ganj area, the Saniya Palace Hotel is perfectly positioned for diners who like to multitask, feasting on curry and Kingfisher beer while posting envy-inducing shots on Instagram.     1. Quay Restaurant – SYDNEY   QUAY RESTAURANT   The Quay Restaurant in Sydney is which diners enjoying front-and-centre views of both the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. The other is chef Peter Gilmour’s delicate creations, which include black lipped abalone served with shiitake, chawanmushi, sesame, cultured grains and smoked pig jowl.

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