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Top 10 Unbelievable Barbies in Real Life

10. Alodia Gosiengfiao   Alodia Gosiengfiao   Alodia Gosiengfiao is fond of art, fashion, gadgets, video games, photography, collecting toys and plays the piano. She is a multi-talented woman, but the best part about this person has to be her incredibly beautiful Barbie Doll-like look.     9. Lin Ketong   Lin Ketong   Lin Ketong is not much information available on the Internet about this girl, so I couldn’t collect facts. But enough pictures can be found to validate authenticity of her looks. She is a real life Barbies Girl from China, who’s also known as “little dragon lady”.     8. Charlotte Hothman   Charlotte Hothman   Charlotte Hothman is a Barbie-Doll collector. Her obsession with her childhood toy led her to spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to look like Barbie. She thinks she was always Barbie from inside, and now she even looks like them.     7. Venus Palermo   Venus Palermo   Venus Palermo or Venus Angelic is 19 years old YouTube personality. Who’s known for her YouTube video “how to look like Doll” that has generated more than 14 million views. In 2013, Palermo released a pre-release cover version of the Icon a Pop song, “I Love It”. She is widely known as one of the best looking real life Barbie.     6. Lily Cole   Lily Cole   Lily Cole doesn’t walk around claiming her to be a Barbie-Girl. Lily Cole is a successful model and an established actress. She achieved popularity as a model at her early age, and today she can be seen in many big budget Hollywood films. Lily Cole immensely resembles dolls without even putting make-up.     5. Alina Kovaleskaya   Alina Kovaleskaya   Alina Kovaleskaya is Barbie girl from Ukraine, who claims to have achieved her looks without a single surgery of any kind. She says that she finds small noses, big eyes and small plump lips beautiful, for which people labelled her as racist, but anyway. She’s among very few girls in the world who most closely resemble Barbie Dolls. Her long golden hairs, perfectly maintained body and face that she probably achieved from a plastic surgery. Even though, she says she hasn’t gone under scissors, but look at her, she is too good to be natural.     4. Dakota Rose   Dakota Rose   Dakota Rose or Kotakoti is very popular on the internet for being a Barbie-Girl obviously. She is one of the cutest girl and probably exaggerate her facial features to look like a doll.     3. Wang Jia Yun   Wang Jia Yun   Wang Jia Yun is real is up to you to decide. But if she’s real then undoubtedly she is one hell of a Real Life Barbies.     2. Valeria Lukyanova   Valeria Lukyanova   Valeria Lukyanova is Ukrainian beauty wins the race for being a most closely resembling girl to a Barbie-doll. She got naturally green eyes which she enhances with contact lenses. She claims to have breast implant but the rest of the body totally natural. Valeria says she achieved that kind of body with daily workout and a special diet.     1. Angelica Kenova   Angelica Kenova   Angelica Kenova is beautiful girl from Russia is much more natural looking Barbie than any other entry on this list, which is why we placed her higher. While Angelica Kenova isn’t any kind of celebrity but is quite popular on Facebook due to her looks. She got some 20k followers on Facebook alone.