Top 10 Most Weird Wedding Traditions In the World

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10. Marrying a Tree – India


Marrying a Tree


Marrying a tree in India is done by some people in different parts of India. They believe their husband will die early and to avoid this they need to marry a tree first and the then cut the tree to eliminate the curse. Mangliks women in India follow this tradition and marry a tree first before marrying their future husband. Mangliks is combination when mars and Saturn were in seventh house and this is a curse according to them. This is one of the craziest yet weird traditions.



9. Blackening the Bride – Scotland


Blackening the Bride


Tradition Blackening the Bride in Scotland some of people follow by putting some weird thing on the bride. Bride’s relatives and other close friends put every trash on the bride including inferior fish, spoiled food, sauces, mud, flour and all other nasty things. This is to show love and affection towards bride and making the marriage memorable. Most of people in Scotland do this and without completing this tradition they believe marriage would not be successful.



8. Delicieux Toilette La Soupe – France


Delicieux Toilette La Soupe


Delicieux Toilette La Soupe is not only weird but annoying too. When the marriage ceremony is over the family of couples would collect all the leftovers and trash in toilet bowl and after that they would present it to the couple to eat it. Worst tradition is the couples have to eat and drink all. This is given to bless couples for their first night and give them some energy.



7. Spitting on the Bride – Kenya


Spitting on the Bride


This crazy tradition by the Massai nation in Kenya is to spit on the bride. Yes, the father of the bride has to spit on her daughter’s face and breast to give her blessings. Spitting on the Bride is one of the most weird traditions but not only that after that the bride with her husband has to live the fathers house and they are not to look back as they believe if they will look back they will be turned into stone at the spot.



6. Smashing Dishes – Germany


Smashing Dishes in Germany


In Germany guest present dashes and cookeries to the couple and after receiving they have to smash the dishes. Smashing Dishes is to give blessings to the couple and the sound of dishes take away evil from the couple so that they could live their life peacefully and be able to fight with ever situation in their life. Known as Polterabend and it is hosted by newlywed. This is one of the most interesting traditions.



5. Crying before marriage – China


Crying before marriage in China


The tujia people in china follow a strange tradition before marriages. Although ever bride’s family cry while celebrating or planning the marriage but in China the people of Tujia pre plan some weird things as starting crying including the bride before one month of the marriage and they for almost one hour daily. Every woman of family cry for whole month and Crying before marriage is all pre-planned as according to them it is a feeling of joy and love to celebrate the wedding.



4. Stealing the groom’s shoes – Pakistan


Stealing the groom’s shoes in Pakistan


Stealing the groom’s shoes is one is of the most funny traditions followed by some of the people in Pakistan. The bride’s relatives or friends would steal the shoes of the groom when he comes to take her bride and then they demand money or any other thing to return the shoes and the groom has to give whatever they demand in order to have his shoes back and proceed the ceremony.



3. Beating the groom – Korea


Beating the groom in Korea


People of Korea have a Beating the groom strange tradition of beating the groom. They do not want the groom to disappoint her bride on her first night so they beat the groom’s feet with fish although it hurts but according to them it’s fun to do and they always follow this tradition. This helps the groom to value her bride and keep up with her for whole life.



2. Shooting the Bride – China


Shooting the Bride


Different people in china have their own traditions but shooting the bride is most weird concept for weddings. In china the people from Yugur culture shoot the bride bows and arrows but interesting part is arrows do not have arrowheads so bride don’t have to worry at all. But it’s not only till that but later the bride break these arrows to ensure their relationship will be strong and they will live happily ever after.



1. Kidnapping the Brides – Romani


Kidnapping the brides


Kidnapping the bride in Romani the person who loves any girl will kidnap her without letting her parents know or both the lovers would run away before their marriage. They have a strange tradition that if the boy however remains by the girl side for at least 2 days after kidnapping then they both will marry officially and no one can then take them apart nor their parents. This tradition is common in Romani.